FRANKFURT, GERMANY – 9 November 2012 Revel and delight in this list of insider trivia and behind-the-scenes info about the ‚2012 MTV EMA!



  • This year’s set has been designed by celebrated German stage and set designer Florian Wieder, who previously worked on the MTV EMA in Berlin, Munich and Liverpool.  Although Florian’s exact designs for this year remain under wraps, host Heidi Klum recently hinted the show may have elements of a circus theme, describing it as a “magical, visual feast.”


  • The 2012 MTV EMA will feature more fire, water and lasers than ever before. One performer will even allow audiences to get up close and personal with an unusual entry on to the stage!


  • In order to stage the 2012 MTV EMA:
    • Nearly 10,000 kilometres of cable will be laid down
    • 1,200 flight case boxes will be used to transport equipment such as lights, cameras and tripods
    • 18 HD cameras are used to shoot the show
    • 40 TV screens help the crews backstage keep an eye on the action.


  • More than 1,500 people turned up to Frankfurt’s My Zeil shopping centre last week, to demonstrate exactly what they would do for an EMA ticket. The bold, the brilliant and the fabulously bizarre turned up, including a young lady with her dog dressed as the canine version of Lady Gaga (dressed head to tail in silver foil!) to a group of male law students who, after checking in, disappeared to the toilets and emerged 1 hour later as full on Gaga drag queens in 6inch heels!



  • The 32 person EMA “glam squad” will be headed by MAC cosmetics who have spent more than 150 hours with lead make-up artist Debbie Dannellcreating the looks for the show, using:
    • 380 sets of false eyelashes
    • 72 blot powders
    • More than 1,000 coats of MAC Haute and Naughty mascara
    • More than 25,000ml of MAC airbrush foundation
    • 5000 + boxes of diamantes, glitters and shimmers


  • Female performers will be treated to exclusive use of MAC’s new mineralise foundation (set to launch in March 2013) and products by Face-Lace, an appliqué type of makeup designed by Phyllis Cohen – not yet launched in Europe or the US.


  • Keep your eyes peeled for dancers who will be decorated head to toe in show-stopping body art created by graffiti artist The Urbanist!



  • The inventive hairdos to be seen at the 2012 MTV EMA will be the creative vision of local hair stylist Marco Arens, and with India and Jason Miller from Edinburgh.


  • A separate backstage wiggery will be installed this year to house 200 wigs, 100 hairpieces, 40 poly heads, 100 wig caps that will all need to be prepped in advance of the show.


  • Performers and presenters will have the opportunity to be polished to perfection at the EMA SPA – an exclusive backstage beauty and relaxation facility.
    • Artists and performers can be treated to a raft of therapies including a visit to a Nails Inc. bar for manicures and the Ibiza Angels will also bring a slice of Balearic chill to the artists backstage with their rejuvenating head, neck and shoulder massages.


  • Monster have partnered with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation to set up a backstage DNA Headphones Customization Booth. Talent will be invited in to have a pair of DNA headphones custom-created to their style. Additional pairs autographed by Talent will be auctioned off to raise funds for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.


  • Furniture and accessories for the dressing rooms will be provided by Lovely Things, whilst additional quirky furnishings for an artist lounge area will be supplied by Table Art.


  • One of the most popular snacks in the dressing room area is Seed & Bean organic chocolate (with more than 300 bars ordered, each wrapped in a eucalyptus infused leaf wrapper).



  • The dressing room area will consist of 39 rooms for the star-studded line-up of performers and presenters.


  • The crew have ordered 3,000sgm of carpet, 2,000m of panelling, 350 trestle tables, 500 towels and 400m of extension leads (power strips) – and 150 bottles of boutique champagne provided by Goût de Diamants.


  • Rooms will be decorated with prints by international street artist Mr Brainwash, Banksy’s collaborator and protégé. Mr Brainwash has designed exclusive limited edition artwork for the artist case, and will be displaying £250,000 worth of art in the dressing rooms and green room.



  • Microsoft will provide all performers and presenters with new Windows 8 devices, including The Dell XPSTM 12 Ultrabook – a PC which converts into a tablet with a simple flip of the screen, so that you can work and play wherever and whenever you want.


  • Replay will also welcome MTV EMA celebrities in its gifting suite. VIPs will find the best selection from the present Replay denim collection and an exclusive preview of the next Spring Summer 2013.  Supermodels Isabeli Fontana and Anne V will even be presenting an EMA award in Replay-designed, biker-inspired outfits with a special “leather paint” effect!


  • The Jabs are this year’s “MTV & Renaissance Best Band in the House” voted for by the public from more than 660 competing bands across the UK, Germany and France. Since the launch of Renaissance Hotels’ R Life LIVE program, hundreds of bands have performed in Renaissance Hotels around the globe.



  • EMA performers, presenters and crew will enjoy delicacies from specialist showbiz location Eat Your Hearts Out using locally sourced ingredients.  The team have ordered in four tons of ice, along with countless pounds of potatoes, butter, cream and sugar.  Somewhere between 35,000 to 38,000 meals will be cooked during the weeklong build up to the show.


  • To keep everyone hydrated, the team have ordered in…
    • 30,000 bottles of VIO water
    • 20,000 Cokes
    • 20,000 bottles of Warsteiner beer
    • 16,000 bottles of Smirnoff vodka
    • 10,000 bottles of Jack Daniels
    • 10,000 bottles of Bacardi
    • 5,000 bottles of Southern Comfort
    • 3,500 limes; and…
    • 120 bar staff to serve it all!



  • This year’s dancers, provided by EMA veteran Aicha McKenzie, will be choreographed by Nathan Clarke, who recently worked as the Associate Director for the closing ceremony of both the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


  • Assisting Nathan and Aicha is acclaimed dancer turned choreographer and the winner of ‘So You Think You Can Dance Germany 2011’ Dennis Jauch, who will not only be choreographing the dance troop, but will also be part of the EMA performance on show night.


  • Auditions for the 2012 MTV EMA started back in September in Düsseldorf, Germany – a location selected for its excellent transport links to accommodate the 400+ dancers who travelled from all corners of Europe to audition for just 20 spots!



  • MTV has booked just over 7,500 hotel room nights in Frankfurt to cater for the thousands of people associated with the show.


  • Moving all the crew and guests around will take 100 limos, 2,000 airport transfers and 200 coach transfers.


Über MTV

MTV steht für Musik, internationale Erfolgsformate und ist Trendsetter im Bereich digitale Unterhaltung. MTV spielt in seinem Programm dem Zeitgeist entsprechend angesagte und populäre Künstler. Außerdem ist die Förderung von talentierten Newcomern ein wichtiger Programmbestandteil. MTV lanciert bis zu 40 neue Showformate pro Jahr. Internationale Shows wie die Teenie-Serie ‚Awkward‘, die Dating-Show ‚Are You The One?‘, Klassiker wie ‚Jackass‘ oder Reality-Shows wie ‚Geordie Shore‘ und ‚Snooki & JWoww‘ unterhalten, polarisieren, provozieren und begeistern das Publikum. MTV ist Host großer Events mit internationalem Starflair: Die MTV VMAs, die MTV Movie Awards oder die MTV EMAs bringen Glamour und Rock’n‘ Roll auf den Bildschirm.

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