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We create stories that inspire and produce content that fascinates. We create relevance for your brand through public relations, social media, influencer relations and content production. We focus on characters who can be inspired to inspire others. Kruger Media has been managing modern communication with quality and passion for your success since 2001.

Public Relations

Touch-Points x Story x Editorial Team
Telling the "other story" is our aim. Our team identifies all relevant touch points for your product. A food story can also be told in a personnel magazine. The important thing is: THE STORY. We think outside the box, but always with a journalistic approach. At the same time, with a clear message. What matters is: A good relationship with the journalist. With the background of working for media brands ourselves, we know what editors want...

Social Media

TikTok x Paid x Community
TikTok, of course. Pinterest, anyway. FB, IG and YT absolutely. Launched the first NGO channel in Germany with the WWF, just pushed Magenta to become the community's love brand or ran recruiting campaigns with Snapchat. We are Social. Supported with content, with graphic designs, with paid. Everything under one roof. Everything for the community.

Influencer Relations

Creator x Triangle x Testimonial
We talk to creators about relationships. We focus on a partnership. Integrated and long-term. Collaborative, not just flashy. We analyze and define creators who are pioneers in their field. Unique, sometimes niche. But the KPIs still have to be spot on. Our goal goes even further: how do we take collaboration beyond social media, further into live marketing and at PR level? Our Creator Trinity strategy.


People x Strategy x Courage
Our mindset: A good story prevails. In the feuilleton and on TikTok. But a story needs perfect staging and a consistent strategy. Courage is also part of it. Our approach: We tell your story with and about people. With you, with your customers and your fans. Because people inspire people. That's the best story.

Content Production

Editorial Team x AI x Graphic Design
Here the shoot in the Alps with aerial ski pros. There the smart setting for the CEO interview. With or without a drone. 9:16, 4:5 or 1:1. And in the middle of it all, the radio spot. We produce state of the art. Embrace the latest AI tools and build the best assets right next door with our own graphics team. For social, hyperlocal on the ground and TV.


Sport x Creator x Stories
Pop and sport are the driving forces behind emotions. Action sports in particular is the supplier of content. Organically, because the content creator is already part of the team when it comes to board culture, motorsport or street sports. This is where we come in. The new sports stories are in the niche. Carrie Schreiner and Finn Springborn are our first signings. Stay tuned.



Best cases

The Team behind Kruger Media

You can reach us by telephone at +49 (0) 30 3064548-0

Alessandro Pohl | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Alessandro Pohl

Senior Social Media Manager
Alexandra Sérgio | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Alexandra Sérgio

Social Media Assistant
Anne Hedrich | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Anne Hedrich

Office Managerin / Controlling
Charlotte Röben | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Charlotte Röben

Public Relations Managerin
Carina Hartmann | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Carina Hartmann

Senior Public Relations Managerin
Celina Rauterberg | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Celina Rauterberg

Public Relations Managerin
Emily Schrittmatter | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Emily Schrittmatter

Franz Wirth | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Franz Wirth

Associate Director Social Media
Jale Dayan | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Jale Dayan

Senior Social Media Managerin
Kristina Pyrlik | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Kristina Pyrlik

Junior Social Media Managerin
Lisa Lindenlaub | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Lisa Lindenlaub

Social Media Managerin
Målin Witte | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Målin Witte

Junior Art Director
Melanie Haseloff | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Melanie Haseloff

Office Managerin / Team & Culture
Michael Frohoff | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Michael Frohoff

CEO and Founder
Richard Pelzer | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Richard Pelzer

Unit Director Public Relations
Ronny Buruck | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Ronny Buruck

Junior Social Media Manager
Steffen Klüver | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Steffen Klüver

Unit Director Social Media
Verena Schönhofen | Kruger Media PR-Agentur Berlin

Verena Schönhofen

Associate Director Public Relations

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