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HARVEST LABEL®, established in 1995, is a lifestyle accessories brand based in Osaka, Japan. Originally inspired by vintage mil-spec (military) design and functional aesthetics, HARVEST LABEL® fuses Japanese craftsmanship with military inspiration, to create an exceptional premium line of bags. Over the past two decades, the brand evolved and created an increasingly wide range of eye catching unisex designs for lifestylers all over the world.

HARVEST LABEL® takes great pride in the details of construction, as well as seamless integration of original designs into the final product. Each stitch is meticulously inspected, to ensure a superior experience for our fans. These are the values harvested over the years from established partnerships with mills and factories that build up the foundation of the brand.

You will immediately feel the difference, holding a HARVEST LABEL® bag in your hands. As the years progress and each bag goes through the rigors of everyday life. Each product will take on their own characteristics through daily wear and use to establish a deeper connection with each individual user.

And this connection is the heart and drive behind HARVEST LABEL® and our future.

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